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Retail Trends: Customers Hate Chatbots, And Executives Aren’t Listening

The retail landscape is changing fast. Retailers are focused on making sure they stay competitive as online shopping increases in popularity. This means services offered in store and online are changing quickly.

But although retailers may feel confident that chatbots, social media, and artificial intelligence are the right moves, do consumers agree?

To find out, Oracle NetSuite and the Retail Doc recently conducted a survey of 1,200 shoppers and 400 retail executives to find the differences in opinion about where retail is headed.

What does this mean for the future of chatbots and other recently integrated technologies? If retailers listen to consumers, their future could be pretty bleak.

2 comments on “Retail Trends: Customers Hate Chatbots, And Executives Aren’t Listening

  1. I didn’t think that consumers would prefer brick and mortar over the internet. Having both seems to be a good thing.

  2. Connie Brunner

    Customers enjoy the shopping experience, touching, feeling, interacting with the merchandise is important, along with interacting with people on a daily basis. Starbucks shows us how this works.

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