Which Shark Tank Entrepreneur Are You?

You’ve watched the show, you’ve imagined yourself up there pitching to the sharks. But if you became a shark, who would you be like? The calm and collected Daymond, the bubbly Robert, or the money hungry Kevin? Take this quiz and find out which shark tank entrepreneur you are!

How do you make financial decisions?

What's your listening style?

How do you feel about underdogs?

Which snack looks the best... to invest in?

What's your ideal party?

A dog enters the room. What do you do?

There's an opportunity to go into a deal with another shark. What do you do?

Are you nice?

What type of business are you most interested in?

Which Shark Tank Entrepreneur Are You?
You are Lori Greiner!

Let's not mess around: you're a boss. You've got work on the mind for a reason, you're crushing it. You're not going to be rude, but you don't mind going in for the kill either.
You are Mark Cuban!

You're assertive and powerful, you know what you want. And if someone comes in talking about how vitamins and supplements are a replacement for medicine, you're gonna lay the smack down.
You are Robert Herjavec!

Who said you can't be friendly and ultra rich? You know no matter what happens, it's not worth losing your smile over. Plus, you love dogggggggs!!!! Omg they're sooooo cute!!!!
You are Daymond John!

Cool and calculated, you let the good deals come to you. You're not a pushover, but you're not a hot head either. You sit back, relax, and wait for the deals you're truly interested in.
You are Barbara Corcoran!

You're warm and kind, but always direct and straightforward. You're all about that underdog hustle, but only if it's backed up with a strong work ethic and a great product. You're not going to jump all over people and tell them why they're wrong, you'll sit back and let them hang themselves.
You are Kevin O'Leary!

You've got a cold heart, but you don't care. It's all about what's practical, and what's practical is making money... a ton of money.

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