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11 Of The Best Trade Show Booth Ideas

Trade shows are all about calling attention to yourself and your brand. Whether you’re trying to land a purchase order, meet possible sales reps, or anything in-between, you don’t want to get lost in the crowd. The best trade show booth ideas draw eyeballs in, so that you’re able to highlight your product.

There are a ton of ways to create a great booth exhibit, ranging from DIY to super expensive. No matter what your budget or aesthetic, you want to make sure your booth looks professional and inviting. Here are 11 of the most popular ways to stand out and get your display noticed.  

1) Monochromatic

Humans are greatly affected by color, and the eye can’t help but be drawn in if an entire booth is covered head to toe in one color. Depending on your product’s branding, tone, and even packaging, you should pick a color that communicates the message you want to get across.

an off white trade show display

This off-white booth by furniture wholesaler Uniqwa Furniture creates a dreamy, tropical feel in the middle of the showroom.


a pink banner stand

This offbeat display by Pinky Weber instantly lets anyone walking by know that this company is quirky and fun.


a green trade show booth

This yoga themed display for La Croix by Slaack Productions is a vibrant example of how even the simplest displays pop when you keep them monochromatic.


yellow trade show booth ideas

This pure yellow trade booth from Just Jaime Accessories lets the clothing being sold pop as well as fit in with the display.  


2) Wood And Paneling

No matter the size of your product, you need to utilize every square inch of your convention booth. This means creating walls separating you from the other trade show companies, and one of the most effective ways of doing that is by creating paneling.

This is also one of the most budget-friendly decorating ideas, as the paneling can be made out of almost any material, including cheap crates and even paper. As long as things are arranged nicely and present as organized and clean, this technique can be an understated attention grabber.

a pallet based pop up display

A few crates and this display from Rock Creek Soaps is looking super cute and professional. Notice how they used the same type of wood for their picture frames for a cohesive look.


a wooden exhibition booth

This display featured by Proof To Product is super simple, but still elegant and effective. Even with just a couple of thin pieces of plywood, this booth is rustic, cute, and ready to attract buyers.


a wooden and metallic trade show booth design idea

This photography display from Pete Redel Photo takes the simplicity of wood paneling and adds another level of sophistication by including metal segments. This rustic and chic look creates a very classy display.


a portable display for leggings

This Girly Girl Leggings display uses the classic wood paneling to contrast against the bold prints of the leggings.  


a custom trade show display

This trade show display by Shannon McNab Studios used its own product to be the paneling on its booth. That’s the perk of being a print shop!


3) Go Up

This technique usually takes a little bit of a bigger budget, but if you can do it, it’s sure to draw attention. Trade show rooms are always packed with attention-grabbing colors, demonstrations, and products. The only empty space is above the booths themselves. If you have a display that goes into the air, all eyes from the entire trade show will be on you.  

a trade show booth design

This globe from Oyster Yachts reminds you of all the places their product could take you.


trade show sign

This sky-high banner by Absolute Exhibits draws the eye up, and then down to the relevant location.


one of the best trade show booths

This cube themed light display from Auto Gravity seems to defy gravity itself.


a convention display

These circles from Dummen Orange raise from the tables to the air for a stunning look.


a creative trade show booth idea

This faux tree by The Vibe Agency draws attention as well as reminding potential buyers of this brand’s dedication to health and family.


trade show graphic

This stunning display of washi tape by MT Tape must have been the bell of the ball.


4) Line It Up

The human eye loves a good 90-degree angle, so if your product can be lined and squared up, go for it. Getting everything looking neat and tidy in this way is one of the most effective and simple design techniques for trade show exhibits.

booth display ideas

A black background and precise angles give this booth from Public School Paper a sleek look.


conference booth

A simple white background allows these lined up prints from Potluck Press to show their own beauty.


fun trade show booth ideas

By lining up the storage bins and chairs as well as the cards, this Stephanie Tara Stationery looks fresh and clean.  


table top display

Lining up the jewelry with a teal background gives this booth by Once Again Sam a cohesive and elegant look.


unique trade show booths

This understated booth from Card Nest utilizes miniature shelves to line things up in a different way.


5) Blitz it

At the end of the day, you’re at a trade show to promote your company. A completely valid design technique is to lean into that fact and cover every square inch of your booth with branded merchandise.

trade show display rentals

This blitzed out booth by Rawlings lets everyone walking by know that this brand is fun, aaaand that they have access to major league logos.


6) Statement Piece

You don’t need your entire booth to draw eyes, the right show-stopping statement piece can get people interested, and once they’re close, you can start your amazing sales pitch.

trade show marketing ideas

A neon light throws subtlety to the wind and says, ‘look at me!’ This booth from Brunette The Label gives us a slice of Miami with a couple of plants and one huge sign.


conference displays

Have a product that just doesn’t pop visually? Suck people in with a balloon display like this one by Balloon Designers, and then get them interested in your non helium-filled offers.


custom trade show booth

Obviously, this look by Kodak involves a significant budget, but look what a statement it makes. If you don’t have the means to make a sculpture this big, consider making your own out of cardboard.


7) Let The Product Take Up Space

Think your oversized product can’t fit in the trade show? Think again! Drag that sucker into the showroom and make it your star.

event display

These kayaks become the product and the wall decorations all in one. Display by Paddle North.


booth design ideas

Expand your mind and think about new ways you can show your product instead of telling. This awesome display by Huber Wood is a demonstration and a decoration all in one.


These trucks by Proliner Rescue are sure to get the attention of every little kid and to be honest, from us too.


8) Make A Photo Op

People are self-obsessed. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the best trade show booth ideas tap into everyone’s vanity and need for instagrammable moments by creating a photo op. After their photo, you’ll have a chance to talk to them.   

cool trade show booths

Brides-to-be want to capture as many memories as possible during their special time. OC Flower Walls created a bridal photo op that attracted a ton of attention during this trade show.


vendor booth display ideas

Another great wall by OC Flower Walls. This elegant, flower-packed wall is pure class.  


9) Unique Shape

All the booths at trade shows have to fit into a square or rectangular shape. This means if you can break the mold and offer patrons a different overall structure, you’ll instantly stick out from the pack.

booth ideas for events

This trailer by OBE offers a different shape from most booths and the added benefit of versatility. If a mobile station would help your business year-round, consider investing in this kind of permanent trade booth.


cool trade show booths

Ok, so this booth featured by Eventsburgh never actually existed, but we couldn’t resist including it because of just how novel it is. Never let your imagination be hindered.


trade booth ideas

This smooth cut-out display by Expo Service GMBH is high tech and professional while still being a scene stealer.


portable display booth

This booth from Coal and Canary Candle Cart clearly shows this brand’s fun attitude and aesthetic. This display was used to sell their ice cream candle, so it’s super on theme and super cute.


trade show exhibit design

This vintage Airstream and faux grass allows this booth by Iodine to whisk you away to the great outdoors, all within the trade show walls.


10) Food

There’s one trade show tip as old as time: food. Whether or not you’re a food company, if you’re offering decadent treats, you’re going to draw people in.

unique trade show booths

This mouthwatering display at the NY Restaurant Show would make us hungry no matter when we ate last.


11) Nail Your Vibe

If you don’t want to do a specific technique, go for this general one and make sure you nail your vibe. What’s the one emotion you want your booth to express? Once you figure that out, make sure your display is oozing with it.

custom trade show exhibits

Cute, cute cute! That’s all we need to know about this booth from Sass & Belle.


diy trade show ideas

Earthy, homey, and comfortable. That’s how this booth feels, and what the pots from Kim Undseth Pottery evoke.


vendor booth display

A booth fit for Mother Earth herself. There’s no questioning that this is a nature-themed company with all the greenery in this Peace Tree Farms booth.

No matter what your booth design is, the most important things about attending a trade show are still your product and your sales pitch. So once you pick the best trade show booth idea for you, make sure you lock in how to sell!

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