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25 Innovative And Modern Package Designs

Packaging can make or break a product’s success. It’s the first thing a potential customer sees, so you want to make a good first impression.

Good packaging establishes your brand and gives an accurate impression of your product. Great packaging can be beautiful art, can make your product stick out on the shelves, and can elevate your business by becoming its own conversation piece.

These packages are all either real products by modern brands or concept art developed by leading designers.


This box that elevates pencils to a whole new level by Mike in Prague.

This ferocious packaging for Eastern Poison Gin by Charmaine Tan.

These ridiculously luxe XL eggs.

This flowing natural cosmetics line Plasinia, based off the map of the region in Croatia the company is located in.

These custom wine bottles made for an upscale seafood restaurant.


This translucent honey container designed by Gen Design Studio.

These bottles for Seriously Unsweetened sparkling water by LMNOP Creative.

These pleasing mountain cans for Caravelle by Hey Studio.


This CBD infused sparkling water by Recess.

These soft gradient designs for perfume by Qinglu Guo.


This design concept for honey by Busybee for Ergastiri Meliou.

This orange slice design concept by Megan Carrell.

These attitude filled flavored milk boxes by Mostafa Abdelmawla and Shady Allam.

These magical marshmallow creations by Javier Garcia.


These offbeat pastel tea wrappers for Offblak.

These eclectic line designs for Superthing coffee.

This irreverent Taktipo box.

This offbeat pastel chocolate wrapper for Seattle Chocolate.

These captivating matchbooks by Octaevo.

This hint of retro can for ginger and lemon Olipop.


These ‘fresh out of the oven’ cookies by Thelma’s Treats.

This meat packaging concept by Kei Meguro.

These udder shaped milk containers by Muhammet Uzuntas.

This children’s guide on making healthy food choices by Vanissa Foo.

This box of chocolates turned table by Illui Truffles.

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