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What Info Do You Need For Walmart’s Supplier Application?

So you have your product, and you’re ready to apply to Walmart. Although there are many different ways you can apply to get on the shelves, all of them require having a bunch of nuts and bolts business information.

All the following items are for domestic companies only and can be found on Walmart’s supplier checklist. Although these details aren’t particularly flashy or fun, they’re necessary to have before you can even have a Walmart buyer think about stocking your products. If this list is overwhelming and you need help figuring it all out, consider getting a sales representative to help you out.

1) Supplier Company’s Legal Name
Must be the exact same name you have filed with the IRS, and also must match the name on your W-9 or W-8 Tax Form.

2) Administrator Contact
The name, email, and phone number of the representative authorized to enter into legal agreements for your company. They will become your retail link administrator.

3) DUNS Number
Standing for data universal numbering system, and also called a D&B number. This is a unique nine-digit number for businesses, like a social security number, but for companies. You can get one for free here.

4) Corporate Address
Walmart needs a physical, street address of your company, no PO boxes accepted.

5) Legal Entity
What’s the corporate structure of your company? Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability company (LLC), etc.

6) Tax Identification Info
Either a federal taxpayer identification number or a social security number. You also need a W-9 tax form.

7) Remit Address
If you’re not getting paid through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), you’ll need to provide an address to get the payments.

8) Company Contact
More contact info! Walmart will need the name, email address, and phone number for the following people: CEO, CFO, accounts payable, sales representative, insurance contact, compliance officer.

9) Banking Information
You’ll need to submit this info so they can pay you! Routing number, account number, bank account type, and account holder name. Your bank account must be from a US bank.

10) Third-Party Financial Information
You’ll need to let them know whether or not your company is being financed by a third-party financial partner or has a factoring relationship with a financial entity. If so, you must submit a letter from both your company and the factoring company.

11) Supplier Inclusion Status
Walmart will ask you if your company is diverse-owned, which means a U.S. privately held company that is 51% or more owned and operated by a minority, veteran, disabled veteran, person with a disability or a member of the LGBT community. Corresponding certificates may be required.

12) Product Information
The good stuff! Product name, brand, cost, description, photo, and category.

13) Insurance
They need insurance carrier information, certificate expiration date, and insurance certificate if available. If you’re accepted as a supplier and cannot provide this information within 30 days, your agreement will be terminated.

14) Additional Addresses
These include: purchase order address, claims to address, and returns address

15) Product Chemical Information
For certain departments/ categories, you’ll have to reveal if your product contains chemicals, and if so, which ones.

That’s it! Once you’ve collected these 15 pieces of information, you’ll be ready to apply to become a Walmart supplier!

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